Sustainable development

Implementation of sustainable development is an essential part of Hollming Group’s business activities. The objective is to take the environment into account in both the services and products that we offer to our customers and in all our business activities.

We design, produce and market technological solutions and products which enhance sustainable development.

BMH Technology Ltd’s waste management systems enable recycling of waste and promote its use as a form of fuel for energy production. This reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and minimises greenhouse emissions.

Auramarine Ltd has developed a fuel changeover system for ships for safe and controlled fuel changeovers from high-sulphur content heavy fuel oil to low-sulphur content fuels. The changeover process is complex, because the significantly different properties of these fuels pose a number of challenges. A problem-free changeover is vital when a ship is operating in and out of sulphur emission control areas.

Hollming Group business units are ISO 14001 certified.

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