Auxiliary Equipment

Auramarine is globally recognised as a leading provider of critical fuel supply and handling solutions and services for marine and power industries. Auramarine’s customers are ship owners and operators, shipyards, power stations and engine manufacturers globally. The company’s main products are fuel oil supply units and marine gas oil handling systems, which deliver operational efficiency, safety and reliability throughout their lifetimes. Moreover, the company provides fuel changeover systems, emergency pump units, cooling water systems, preheating and oil lubrication units, fuel oil transfer systems and other fuel supply-related systems, supported by lifecycle services, fuel supply system upgrades and retrofits. 

Whether a customised or off-the-shelf solution is needed, Auramarine works closely with clients to understand what is required and find the system that best meets their needs.

Auramarine’s heritage stems from Finnish roots and since 1974 the company has delivered over 15 000 reliable, high-performance systems to customers all over the world. Auramarine has over 100 employees with head office in Finland and office and factory China. The global representative network serves customers in more than 25 countries. In 2019, Auramarine celebrated its 30 years as part of the Hollming group.

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