Hollming offers profitable growth to companies that want to operate in the global market.

We fulfil this in the following ways:

  • We constantly follow worldwide megatrends – and look for corresponding solutions.
  • We concentrate on identifying the development and growth potential of new, emerging companies.
  • We offer the chosen enterprises a solid starting point and lead them to success.

We improve a company’s existing market position by strengthening its product range and product development, raising its market profile, and ensuring its financial and operational effectiveness.

Hollming’s operations are based on trust and cost efficiency. Our role as an owner is to be the developer of a company’s business activities. Our strong foundation is one of the factors enabling this development. Our business units offer synergy benefits – and even new business activities. As a family business we are capable of dynamic decision making. All in all, Hollming offers emerging companies a new starting point.

Hollming Ltd
Sinkokatu 11
P.O. Box 14
FI-26101 Rauma

Tel. +358 20 486 5000